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St Martin Kinsey I’m just thought I would kind of share a little bit of a heads up I am driving at 2012 Dodge charger handed down in my brand new but it was still under warranty when I got it and also the other day about a month ago or so my wife was at the mall and she gives me a phone call in the car she’s gonna give me a phone call and the charger will not start.

alternator problemWhen the car does not have a key and I don’t know I’m if you’d all everyone’s got the same vehicle man all you charger owners have the same vehicle mine is now you have a key unit to use to start. And they use just put have fought in your pocket in that brutal push a button and therefore fires up anyway so it would not start so I get there I get in the car starts right up for me but I’m thinking now a problem solved I turned it off. And it wouldn’t start. Wouldn’t start on my father or my wife on. And we’re dead in the water I called up the dealer and they said well here’s 1000000 things that could cause that it could be a an issue with the battery in the fob it could be an issue with the battery in the car or it could be something else besides that and the only thing we can do is recommends you tow it in and then let us a diagnose it can take a look at. So it we went and start the woman going to that we’re at the moment going to store find a battery for my fob and see if that’ll fix prompt she picks it that’s where it is.

When in the store no batteries no matter no well stores have batteries for that would fit the flop and does so without arm and there we go gonna have to call a tow truck I got to the car in it fires up which starts right up and good news. So what I did. What it is psalm weeks just drove straight home got home. Got home turned off start ups are not. In fact it started so what we forgot that we forgot about the problem and I drove it I mean we took it up on a 300 mile trip with our grand kids up in the meantime so come home a week ago 2 weeks ago now I drove it to a store and back are driving it to store and a battery check it battery light came on.

Well I don’t know what that’s all about and so I get right back home get parked you know when we were going on vacation so it’s gonna be about a week before I’d be able to deal with it when we got home from vacation we forgot about it again. My wife gets in the car she’s going somewhere that check battery light comes on comes back home I said okay we gotta get to shop I looked I could to be honest I can find the battery in the cars that you look on the hood there’s no battery there I thought okay well if I don’t even know where the batteries I got no business mess with this storm together shop.

So my wife and I were taken into that we’re driving it to a dealer to a shop not a dealer but to shop the other day and boy things went weird all of a sudden the out which wipers turned on and that everything on the dash panel started flashing lights coming off and on in speedometer in the tachometer going up and down jumping like crazy and next thing you know the car dies middle of an intersection I have to push it off the road. And out while I’m waiting for the tow truck to come so I’m waiting for a tow truck while I call a tow truck while I’m waiting for the tow truck to come to take us to the dealer that I work in the shop that was taken into anyway I just get a little bit of your research a Google search on my follow up phone to see if I can find out where the battery is that I need leased or the battery is on his car and what I found out is that this car 2012 I think it’s 2000 11232 14 Dodge Chargers. Have a factory recall on the alternator there’s a problem with the alternator on this car that makes it so that.

That our it in that it did alternator could fail in the middle road and leave your without any kind of power steering power brakes or anything like that in So it turns out I get my car to the shop. And it’s a factory recall it’s a dealer fix it’s. Didn’t cost me anything to get that fixed when you’re so something else I learned while I was checking this into this. Is that I don’t at least my understanding is that the Dodge company isn’t notifying people of this problem yet is not notifying people of this problem at least I never got one and I did see in the in the article that I read that dogs has not yet decided. To make it out. Aden and notified recall so if you’ve got a Dodge charger you might want to take a look at that and see about getting that thing fixed and I hope you have a great day.

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