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Eternal batteries – to the masses

Eternal batteriesThe researchers from the scientific association of the University of California in Irvine (UCI) announced the creation of battery with almost unlimited resource.

As reported by the scientists, the new power supply element can save its capacity up to 400 years, which is several times higher than the time of human life.

Structurally new sources of energy are similar to the traditional lithium-ion batteries. UCI engineers decided to replace the liquid electrolyte with the gel one, whose density is equivalent to the one of the plexiglass. The anode that was earlier made of lithium was replaced with the golden nano wire.

The modern batteries with the lithium-ion technology can withstand, on average, 5000-7000 charging cycles. The conducted test showed that during three months the innovative anzo 2004 impala headlights and battery has saved its original capacity after 200 000 charging cycles.

After the successful conclusion of final tests, the new technology helps to solve the main problem of the modern electric cars – car batteries and their resource. After solving the question of resource, the manufacturer faces a new problem – cost price, as its production requires pure gold.