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Fuel pump: the necessary car part

Independently from the production year, engine design and other features, every car is equipped with the fuel pump. The evolution of car industry has led to the modification of the fuel filters, with the result that they turned from the simple mechanical devices to the precision electric monsters.

fuel pomp

The fuel pump is used for the delivery of fuel from the tank to the carburetor (in the carburetor engines) to the nozzles or the fuel ramp (in the injection system), or on the fuel-injection pumps of the diesel engines. Its task is to compensate for the difference of height between the fuel tank and the consumption device (carburetor, engine), as the tank is located a bit lower, and the fuel can´t flow itself.

According to the working principle, there are mechanical and electrical fuel pumps. The first ones use the drive of the working engine and are located next to the engine or the fuel-injection pump. The electric pumps run by the battery and generator and are located inside the gas tank or over the fuel line. The performance of electric pumps is much higher than that of the mechanical ones, and the fuel is distributed more evenly.