Cadillac STS (1)

Cadillac STS is imposing, solid and beautiful car with an American flavor

If you are able to enjoy a moderate drive, the Cadillac STS is for you. You will be satisfied of this impressive car.

Low rise of car proves only one thing, it is stable on the road.

Cadillac STS

If you turn out to be in the car, you can neither mark the dashboard in the form of an LCD screen, which is a very comfortable, only downside is that the panel has a lot of gloss, so fingerprints are left, that does not give effect, but it eliminates by the conventional cloth.

When you lift your head up, you will not see the usual ceiling but will see the sky and the sun, whose rays penetrate into the interior, because the roof of the car is glass. Inside, mainly finishing is of plastic and leather, although there are wood and aluminum.

If you move, you realize that you are not in the car, but on the comfortable sofa, where no noticeable vibration and a smooth ride. You are sure to mark invisible work of the two-liter turbo heart with capacity of 276 horses.
To sum up, the car is unlikely to please the rider, but other drivers will be delighted, especially since over-clocking of the car is normal, and its unusual design decision will allocate the car among the crowd.