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Automotive lamps General Electric and Osram

Automotive lamps General Electric and Osram.

General Electric is a company engaged in the production of lighting technology with centuries-old experience, the founder of which was the legendary inventor of the first electric light bulb Thomas Edison. In 1924 the company General Electric created headlamp of dipped and main beam. Since then, the car lights were improved many times have and now headlamps of this company can be found in many brands of cars or be bought in more than 100 countries around the world. Now General Electric lamps are available in the US, the UK and Hungary.

Automotive lamps

Automobile lamps of General Electric companies is a tradition, proven by time, innovative technology and the experience of experts. They are effective, economical and durable and always pass quality control. The range of the company is the richest in the market of automotive lamps. Among automobile lamps there are General Electric Halogen Head Lamp Sportlight, Super Blue, Megalight Plus and discharge lamps HID (Xenon).

Automotive lamps

Osram company is also one of the leading manufacturers of lighting equipment, particularly products are popular on the Russian market. Company’s name consists of a combination of the words – “Os” and “tungsten” forefathers of the metal filament. The company produces halogen lamps with increased luminous flux (up to 90%). They emit a white-yellow light, providing comfort for the driver. Osram lamps are in high demand and have a long service life.